Why are we doing this?

Some companies say that feedback matters; some really put that into practice. Disqovery to make it easy to share your highs and lows, and to make your experience at work better. This is an opportunity to provide the honest, casual feedback that makes your team stronger, your work environment more pleasant, and your choice of employer the best possible.

Our vision for Disqovery:

  • Feedback In the Moment: Just share how things are going today. Right now. No complicated questions.
  • No Survey Fatigue: It takes just a few seconds.
  • 100% Anonymous: No one can identify you through your responses. Ever.

Our business

Disqovery makes understanding feedback both fun and useful. We work with companies to improve employee engagement and retention by giving them a powerful tool to understand what's really happening with their teams.

How Disqovery's app works:

  • Disqovery asks short and simple questions about experiences at work.
  • We use that information to help figure out who your employees are, and what gets them up in the morning.
  • Disqovery identifies opportunities to make the workplace better, while providing an opportunity to be heard.

Who is Disqovery

Disqovery was born in Harvard's Innovation Lab with a mission to help you figure out who you are and where you're going. As far as who we are… we have a passion for helping others and mentorship, with some technology, marketing, and design thrown in for good measure. If this sounds like you drop us a line, or check out our current openings.

Now available by invitation only